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Were You Treated Unfairly Because Of A Disability?

Sometimes, being an individual with a disability simply makes it impossible to do a certain type of job. At other times, however, it is possible to do the job well if the employer would simply make a few minor accommodations. In the latter case, employers are not allowed to discriminate against you by taking an adverse employment action – whether that be failing to hire, failure to promote, termination, reduction of benefits, etc. In fact, your employer has a duty to engage in an “interactive process” with you to determine if you could adequately perform the job with a “reasonable accommodation.”

If you believe you were discriminated against due to a physical or mental disability, or because you are perceived to have a disability, the best thing you can do is to consult a professional skilled in this area of employment law. Contact [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], in Seattle for the advice and advocacy you need.

Not only is Andy Backlund a skilled employee rights attorney, but he has also volunteered hundreds of hours with Disability Rights Washington. He cares about making a difference for people… and for you! Talk with him by calling 206-657-6297 today.

We’re On Your Side And Ready To Make A Difference

You can turn to our Seattle law firm if you have experienced any of these situations:

  • With certain reasonable accommodations, you could easily perform a certain job, but hiring managers refuse to consider your application.
  • You developed a disability after you were hired and need reasonable accommodations, but your employer won’t provide them. Perhaps your employer refuses to engage in the “interactive process” that is required to determine if a reasonable accommodation is possible.
  • You were fired after you developed a disability or because you requested an accommodation.
  • You don’t have a disability, but your employer thinks you do and has discriminated against you because of it.
  • You are treated differently than individuals who do not have a disability.

You are often subjected to offensive comments and jokes about your disability or perceived disability, making it difficult for you to work in that environment.

We are here to vigorously advocate for justice and monetary damages on your behalf. Count on our attorneys to put their experience and passion to work for you.

What Counts As A Disability?

In order to qualify as disabled under state and federal discrimination laws, you first need to prove that your condition meets the legal definition of a disability. For most people, this means showing that your condition “significantly limits” one or more “major life activities” (such as sleeping, walking, seeing, hearing, etc.). “Significantly limits” and “major life activities” have complex legal meanings. Please schedule an appointment to discuss whether your situation meets these standards.

What Is A ‘Reasonable Accommodation?’

A reasonable accommodation is a change to your work environment or work procedures that makes it possible for you to perform the duties of the position. For instance, if you have a knee injury, you may require a stool to sit on. If a doctor has ordered you on bed rest due to pregnancy complications, you may need to work from home temporarily. If you are in a wheelchair, you may require a ramp to get into the office building.

If an accommodation would result in “undue hardship” to the company, the company is not required to provide it. Nevertheless, the employer is required to engage in an “interactive process” with you to determine how the company might accommodate you without undue hardship. Don’t just take your employer’s word that a proposed accommodation is an undue hardship for the company. Talk with an experienced attorney at Backlund Law Firm.

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