During this COVID-19 crisis, we understand that you may be having issues with your employer, COVID-19 related, or otherwise. Please know that Backlund Law Firm is open and accepting phone and online inquiries, as we always have. Backlund Law Firm is, and has always been, mostly paperless and mostly remote… so we were already prepared to continue our important work. Please reach out if you are having any issue with your employer.

Backlund Law Firm’s Fee Structure and Philosophy


We Do not Charge for Informing Your Employer of Your Rights

Some of Andy’s thoughts:

“As long as it aligns with your wishes and best interests, my goal is to help you inform your employer of your rights so that they can do the right thing and comply with the law. If you are successful, you likely walk away happy with no legal bill and your relationship with your employer intact. If they fight you, we will go to work for you and get paid only when you recover.”

There is no charge for the initial consultation

If we can help you solve the problem quickly, by simply giving you the knowledge to effectively negotiate with your employer, we may not charge for that either. Our goal is to help you attain your goal – which may just be for the offensive behavior to stop!

In addition, for most employment law cases, we operate on a contingency fee basis. This means that we collect attorney fees only after we recover compensation for you.

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